What is NSW North Coast Jobs

NSW North Coast Jobs is a internet job board that has been built specifically for Employers and Jobseekers on the NSW North Coast. The best part of NSW North Coast Jobs is its free for both Employers and Jobseekers, and given that we only service the NSW NORTH COAST, jobs and jobseekers are not polluted with superfluous garbage that you will find on other job boards.

What NSW North Coast Jobs isnt

What something isn’t is sometimes a better question that what it is. NSW North Coast Jobs is not a multinational organisation, like the big boys. We are born and bread on the Mid North Coast of NSW. We are not in this for the money, although we do have to cover our costs. This is a service, a service that is long over due.

NSW North Coast Jobs is not a charity, although as our heritage is in Recruitment and HR, we love seeing Employers and Jobseekers come together. At NSW North Coast Jobs we allocate a free job to all our advertisers every month. The job is a standard job and can be posted within 20 days or the allocation. Once posted it is valid for 30 days, just like all our standard jobs. If employers wish to post more than 1 ad, they can simply purchase one of our Ad Packs by clicking here. One of our values is affordable, as a result you will find our prices are a fraction of what you will find with the big boys.

Do I need to register as an employer

Yes you do. Once you have registered your profile will be approved by us (this helps us make sure none of that garbage we spoke about earlier not entering the system) and once that is complete, you will receive your free ad pack. Once you have that you are away ??

Do I have to register as a jobseeker

Yes you do and let me explain why. The NSW North Coast system assess your profile to that of the ideal candidate for each job. If you do not register then it is impossible for our system to match you to new jobs. Registration is easy and free.

This is great. How can help NSW North Coast Jobs become successful?

Easy, to be viable NSW North Coast Jobs needs to have both jobs advertised and jobseekers. So please share our platform with all of your friends and family on the NSW North Coast. The more people we get using the system the more resources we can throw at it and as a result improve the experience that both Employers and Jobseekers have with us.

Steve Begg is the person behind NSW North Coast Jobs and is a resident in the Port Macquarie area on the NSW Mid North Coast. With over 30 yrs experience in the recruitment industry Steve is dedicated to bringing Employers and Jobseekers together.

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